Sick of seeing tons of advertisements when you are browsing the web?  Annoyed by ads before your YouTube videos?

Well, there is a solution for that!

Adblock Plus is an extension for available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browsers with the primary goal of removing advertisements. (Sorry, It’s not available for Internet Explorer; but you should know better than to be using Internet Explorer anyway.  Don’t know why? Look for a follow up post later on.)

To do this, it will look at all requests made by web pages and block the request if the address of the request  matches a filter in Adblock Plus.Adblock Plus is free, open-source, and incredibly easy to install.  Adblock doesn’t remove ALL advertising, as they have some guidelines for what is “acceptable” advertising, and if an ad meets that criteria, it won’t be blocked. But Adblock Plus does really make for a nicer browsing experience.Get Adblock Plus now at their website: