Making Apple Aluminum Keyboard work under Windows

Finally, after FOUR years of running this specific Hackintosh that dual boots with Windows, I have bothered to take the time to figure out how to make the Apple Aluminum Keyboard work 100% under Windows (On a NON Mac hardware machine.) My Volume and play control buttons work in windows now!! Even with the nice Apple On Screen Display. I can CONFIRM working on Windows 7 64BIT, almost positive that the same process will work on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64bit (Assuming 32 bit variants would just require using the 32 bit drivers)

Step one: Download the current BootCamp Support software for Windows from Apple.

Step TWO: using the program “7-Zip” , launch the 7-Zip file Manager and navigate to your BootCamp Drivers download and double click on it, then double click on the “BootCamp” folder, THEN, double click on the “Drivers” folder, THEN, double click on the “Apple” folder… you should be here now:

Step Three: Drag the “BootCamp64.msi” file on to your desktop. [For 64bit versions of Windows]

Step Three A: If you are on a 32 bit version of Windows, drag the “BootCamp.msi” file to your desktop, not “BootCamp64.msi” and ALSO Drag the “AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe” file on to your desktop. (NOTE; THESE ARE UNCONFIRMED STEPS FOR A 32 BIT INSTALLATION)

Step Four: Double click on the “x64” folder and drag the “AppleKeyboardInstaller64.exe” file to your desktop. [For 64 bit versions of Windows]

Step Five: Connect the Apple Aluminum Keyboard

Step Six: Double click the “AppleKeyboardInstaller64.exe” file [for 64 bit versions of windows] OR the “AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe” file [For 32 bit versions of Windows] and allow the installer to run. [NOTE: Your mouse and keyboard will be unresponsive until this install finishes.]

Step Seven: In the “Search” bar of the Windows start menu (Windows 7) or in the “Search” Charm on 8 or 8.1 type “CMD” the command prompt result will be displayed. Right click on that and select “Run As Administrator”. The Command Prompt will launch

Step 8: Navigate to the loaction where your “Bootcamp64.msi” [64 bit versions of windows] or “BootCamp.msi” [32 bit versions of Windows] files are located:

Step Nine: Run the Boot Camp installer by executing the command “BootCamp64.msi NOCHECK=1” [64 bit versions of Windows] OR “BootCamp.msi NOCHECK=1” [32 bit versions of Windows]

Step Ten: [[The Boot Camp installer will run, “agree” and click “Next” through it, it will take several minutes to complete.]]

When the Boot Camp installer completes you will be prompted to RESTART your computer, go ahead and restart… we’re ALMOST there!!

Step Eleven: after your computer reboots, press Win+R and type “regedit” to launch the registry editor

Step Twelve: Inside of Registry Editor navigate to:

and set the value for “OSXFnBehavior” to 0

ALSO, Navigate to;


and set the value for “OSXFnBehavior” to 0

Close regedit.

Step Thirteen: Reboot one final time

Step Fourteen: ENJOY YOUR FULLY FUNCTIONAL Apple Aluminum Keyboard under Windows! With fully working transport controls, FN keys, volume buttons, eject button, etc.



    I run a Apple Keyboard on a PC win10, it works perfectly. thank you

  2. Jacob

    This tutorial still works 100% in 2019 on Windows 10 v 1903! There is now just “BootCamp.msi” without x64, I run it on a 64bit system just fine. Wired apple keyboard from circa 2010 is the best piece of hardware and is the last working thing from Apple I have (done with those guys). Thank you for sharing this!

  3. J Vlastuin


    I’ve followed this tutorial with a missing driver, and it did not work.
    Now i’m trying to remove the program called bootcamp from my pc. And that doesn’t work either. I keep getting error messages about “this computer isn’t supported”. Could you help figure out how to remove this from a laptop without mac os x

  4. Mike

    I have found a similar but updated method for obtaining the Apple Drivers:

  5. João

    Can you give me the direct link for downloading the BootCamp SW for Windows you refer in step one? Your link leads to nowhere.

    I can’t even do the step one. All I can find regarding BootCamp is to use Windows SW on Mac.

    • admin

      Hello, the link still works; just scroll down to the most current revision of “Boot Camp Support Software”, at the time of my response to this comment it is “Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5722”

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